New Step of Joint Publication with the Korean Association for Clinical Oncology

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Cancer Res Treat. 2012;44(2):73-73
Publication date (electronic) : 2012 June 30
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Cancer Research and Treatment

It is my great pleasure to announce that our journal Cancer Research and Treatment, the official journal of the Korean Cancer Association since 1966, also will be the official journal of the Korean Association for Clinical Oncology from this issue. Further joining to the joint journal from other scientific societies of various oncologic specialty in Korea or all over the world is welcomed. I think this change to the joint journal is the most important moment toward an influential oncology journal.

As you might know, our journal was accepted for inclusion of SCOPUS and EBSCO, and was also submitted for inclusion in SCI(E) and MEDLINE and is under the evaluation process. Since the 2011 impact factor of Cancer Research and Treatment calculated from Web of Science is 1.7, it can be said that recent papers from our journal are actively used by researchers. The joint publication is in line with our efforts toward globalization such as open-access policy or PMC indexing and toward improvement of printing quality or readability such as using all the colors in our journal in on-line and off-line.

For the sustained progress in quality and impact, commitment of the members to our journal is indispensable. I'd like to invite all the members of both societies, the Korean Cancer Association and the Korean Association for Clinical Oncology, to submit original articles with which our readers can take insights for basic investigation or new idea of clinical implementation.

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