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Original Articles
161 Effect of low dose ethanol on experimental hepatocarcinogenesis
Sang Chul Park, Sahng June Kwak, Kye Yong Song
J Korean Cancer Assoc. 1991;23(2):161-168.
169 Establishment of SNU cell lines: november 1989-august 1990
Jae Gahb Park, You Me Jeon, Kyu Ju Park, Han Kwang Yang, Dong Young Noh, Sun Whe Kim, Seung Keun Oh, Kuhn Uk Lee, Yong Hyun Park, Kuk Jin Choe, Jin Pok Kim, Soo Tae Kim
J Korean Cancer Assoc. 1991;23(2):169-187.
188 In vivo antitumor effects of lactic acid bacteria on sarcoma 180 and mouse lewis lung carcinoma
Hyung Yong Kim, Hyeong Suk Bae, Young Jin Baek
J Korean Cancer Assoc. 1991;23(2):188-196.
197 Antitumor effect of selected medicinal plant compounds to implanted sarcoma 180 in the mouse
Jae Chung Hah, Eun Sang Choe, Tae Hyong Rhew, Han Suk Young, Kun Young Park
J Korean Cancer Assoc. 1991;23(2):197-205.
206 Mechanism of antitumor effect of ursolic acid from eriobotryo japonica
Chung Kyu Lee, Soo Wan Park, Hae Young Chung, Han Suk Young, Sik Soo Suh, Kun Young Park
J Korean Cancer Assoc. 1991;23(2):206-210.
211 Anti-tumor effects of mesima EX in various types of cancer patients
Samyong Kim
J Korean Cancer Assoc. 1991;23(2):211-217.
218 Lymphokine-activated killer(LAK) cell activity in tumor-transplanted mice(I)
Sang Yun Nam, Yun Tai Lee, Young Il Kim, Si Young Kim, Kyung Sam Cho
J Korean Cancer Assoc. 1991;23(2):218-229.
230 Significance of thymidine kinase activity in the gastrointestinal cancers
Sung Kyun Roh, Yeon Woong Chung, Jae Hwang Kim, Soo Jung Lee, Koing Bo Kwun
J Korean Cancer Assoc. 1991;23(2):230-236.
237 Effect of growth factors and differentiation inducer DMSO on the anaplastic thyroid carcinoma cell line, SNU-80
Seung Keun Oh, Dong Young Noh, Jae Gahb Park
J Korean Cancer Assoc. 1991;23(2):237-246.
247 Immune status of the long term survived patients after gastric adenocarcinoma operation
Min Chung, Jin Pok Kim
J Korean Cancer Assoc. 1991;23(2):247-251.
252 A clinical and electrophysiological studies of vincristine neurotoxicity
Joong Won Kim, Jong Ho Won, Dae Sik Hong, Hee Sook Park, Yang Gyun Lee
J Korean Cancer Assoc. 1991;23(2):252-258.
259 Antitumor activity of adriamycin and the analogue, THP-adriamycin and epirubicin, against human tumor cell lines
Weon Seon Hong, Chang Min Kim, Myung Shick Lee, Yoon Koo Kang, Choon Taek Lee, You Cheoul Kim, Jhin Oh Lee, Tae Woong Kang
J Korean Cancer Assoc. 1991;23(2):259-265.
266 Analysis of survival curves of gastric cancer patients according to TNM classification
Jin Pok Kim, Han Kwang Yang, Sung Tae Oh
J Korean Cancer Assoc. 1991;23(2):266-272.
273 Etoposide, adriamycin and cisplatin(EAP) chemotherapy in advanced gastric cancer
Jong Youl Jin, Kwang Moo Yoon, Hanlim Moon, Young Seon Hong, Hoon Kyo Kim, Kyung Shik Lee, Boo Sung Kim, Dong Jip Kim, Cho Hyun Park, In Chul Kim, Hyun Kwon Ha
J Korean Cancer Assoc. 1991;23(2):273-278.
279 5-fluorouracil and cisplatin(FP) combination chemotherapy in advanced gastric cancer patients treated previously with chemotherapy
Heung Tae Kim, Kyung Hae Jung, Won Ki Kang, Young Suk Park, Chang In Suh, Young Hyunk Im, Dae Seog Heo, Yung Jue Bang, Noe Kyeong Kim
J Korean Cancer Assoc. 1991;23(2):279-290.
291 Clinical evaluation of Borrmann type 4 gastric cancer
Dae Yong Hwang, Jae Gahb Park, Jin Pok Kim
J Korean Cancer Assoc. 1991;23(2):291-298.
299 Smooth muscle tumors of the stomach: a clinical analysis-
Ho Suk Lee, Min Jung, Jin Pok Kim
J Korean Cancer Assoc. 1991;23(2):299-306.
307 A phase II trial of combined sequential FP (5-FU+cisplatin) chemotheraphy and radiotherapy in locally advanced unresectable esophageal cancer
Jong Won Ha, Hyun Cheol Chung, Dong Lip Kim, Jin Hyuk Choi, Nae Choon Yoo, Eun Hee Koh, Joo Hang Kim, Jae Kyung Roh, Gwi Eon Kim, John Kyu Loh Juhn, Byung Soo Kim
J Korean Cancer Assoc. 1991;23(2):307-314.
315 5-fluorouracil, epirubicin, cisplatin(FEP) and 5-fluorouracil, cisplatin(FP) combination chemotherapy for advanced pancreatic carcinoma
Ki Hyeong Lee, Won Ki Kang, Chang In Suh, Young Suk Park, Heung Tae Kim, Yoon Koo Kang, Hyo Jin Kim, Dae Seog Heo, Yung Jue Bang, Yong Bum Yoon, Noe Kyeong Kim, Yong Hyun Park
J Korean Cancer Assoc. 1991;23(2):315-322.
323 Pancreatoduodenectomy for resectable periampullary tumor
Jong Kuk Kim, Won Hyun Cho, Joong Shin Kang
J Korean Cancer Assoc. 1991;23(2):323-330.
331 Modified COP-BLAM combination chemotherapy for the non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
Chang Hak Sohn
J Korean Cancer Assoc. 1991;23(2):331-336.
337 The results of multimodality treatment in neuroblastoma
Chuhl Joo Lyu, Chang Ok Suh, Eui Ho Hwang, Seung Kang Choi, Woo Hee Jung, Sung Nok Hong, Byung Soo Kim
J Korean Cancer Assoc. 1991;23(2):337-342.
343 Bleomycin, etoposide, cisplatin(BEF) combination chemotherapy for experimental germ cell tumor
Won Ki Kang, Chang In Suh, Young Suk Park, Young Hyuk Im, Heung Tae Kim, Dae Seog Heo, Yung Jue Bang, Noe Kyeong Kim
J Korean Cancer Assoc. 1991;23(2):343-349.
350 Nonoperative chemoradiotherapy (FUMIR) for squamous cell carcinoma of the anal canal
Wan Hee Yoon
J Korean Cancer Assoc. 1991;23(2):350-356.
357 A clinical analysis for the 92 cases of colorectal cancer in young male patients
Young Sang Choi, Seung Ik Ahn, Jin Pok Kim
J Korean Cancer Assoc. 1991;23(2):357-365.
366 Continent ileal reservoir after radical cystectomy for bladder tumor
Eun Sik Lee, Chongwook Lee
J Korean Cancer Assoc. 1991;23(2):366-374.
375 Pharyngo;aryngoesophagectomy with pharyngogastric anastomosis
Choong Bai Kim, Hee Boong Park, Jin Sik Min, Won Pio Hong
J Korean Cancer Assoc. 1991;23(2):375-379.
380 EAP combination chemotherapy in patients with advanced head and neck cancer
Ill Kuk Yoon, Jun Yung Kil, Eul Gun Chun, Jong Wan Kim, Samyong Kim, Jang Yuorl Yoo
J Korean Cancer Assoc. 1991;23(2):380-386.
387 Clinical analysis of the surgical thyroid disease in male
Sung Man Kang, Nam Sun Paik, Yong Kyu Kim
J Korean Cancer Assoc. 1991;23(2):387-401.
402 A clinical analysis of the thyroid nodule in male
Gwang Suk Kim, Seung Ik Ahn, Jin Pok Kim
J Korean Cancer Assoc. 1991;23(2):402-409.
410 A clinical study of breast cancer
Dong Young Noh, Deuk Ho Cha, Jae Won Jo, Young Jin Song, Oh Jung Kwon, In Kyu Hong, Kuk Jin Choe, Jin Pok Kim
J Korean Cancer Assoc. 1991;23(2):410-417.
418 A prospective randomized comparison of ondansetron and metoclopramide in the prophylaxis of emesis induced by cisplatinum based combination chemotherapy
Tejune Chung, Seung Chul Shim, Kyung Won Kang, Il Young Choi
J Korean Cancer Assoc. 1991;23(2):418-423.
424 Clinical evaluation of a totally implantable venous access system for long-term anticancer chemotherapy
Tejune Chung, Won Sang Chung, Young Hak Kim
J Korean Cancer Assoc. 1991;23(2):424-428.
429 A computer program for survival analysis
Soo Nyung Kim
J Korean Cancer Assoc. 1991;23(2):429-435.
436 Bilateral breast carcinoma
Tea Ha Park, Il Young Park, Jai Hak Lee
J Korean Cancer Assoc. 1991;23(2):436-442.
443 Intraglomerular malignant lymphomatosis: a report of a case-
Ki Hwa Yang, Kyo Young Lee, Seok Jin Gang, Byoung Kee Kim, Sang In Shim, Sun Moo Kim
J Korean Cancer Assoc. 1991;23(2):443-450.
451 Gastroduodenal artery-duodenal fistula complicated during intraartrial chemotherapy for metastatic hepatic tumor
Sung Hoon Noh, Kwang Wook Suh, Jin Sik Min, Hae Kyung Noh
J Korean Cancer Assoc. 1991;23(2):451-457.
458 A case of congenital mesoblastic nephroma-diagnosed during intrauterine life
Jeong Lim Kim, Chuhl Joo Lyu, Ki Soo Pai, Chul Lee, Pyung Kil Kim, Byung Soo Kim, Kook Lee, Ki Keun Oh, Seung Hoon Choi, Woo Hee Jung
J Korean Cancer Assoc. 1991;23(2):458-464.
465 Perineal pagent's disease involving the inguinoscrotal area
Jin Cheon Kim, Kun Choon Park, Kyung Suck Koh, Eun Sil Yu, Kyung Jeh Sung
J Korean Cancer Assoc. 1991;23(2):465-469.
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